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1 September 2009


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  1. Welcome to blogging!!!

  2. AliceB Says:

    Broken? Already? Sheesh. They don’t make things like they used to, anymore.

    Welcome aboard, Debbie!

  3. MW Penn Says:


    Love your visuals. I’m so not able to do that.
    good luck with the blog; I’m sorry it’s broken. I’m sure there’s a fix on the way.
    I’m not a time hog, so now that I’ve spoken, I’m off to the rest of my day.


  4. Debbie Says:

    Thanks Jill, Alice, Marianne!

  5. Jacqui Says:

    Yay! What fun this is going to be…

  6. bloglily Says:

    Just give it a big kiss and a hug & things will work out fine. xoxoxo

  7. Sarah Says:

    I like it just the way it is, Debbie: cryptic.

  8. Debbie Says:

    Yes, we will have cryptic, huggable fun.

  9. Love your art.

    Blogging is addictive.

    Good luck with the technology.

    Barb AE


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