The Junkies

6 October 2009

Adan Klingelhoefer
Agamemnon Warner
Ahmad Valentine
Aileen Abernathy
Alexis Frey
Alisa Kasha
Alphonse Montoya
Alta Singelton
Alvaro Roach
Angeline Glass
Angelique Hinson
Angstadt Huit
Anibal Tripp
Antwan McIntosh
Archie Lane
Arlen Leppke
Armando Abernathy
Aubrey Yang
Augustus Wandless
Autumn Garland
Bach Lynch
Barton Fountain
Benita Mora
Bernardo Bryant
Bernardo Funk
Bernice N. McKay
Beth Tacker
Bianca Santos
Blair Arnold
Bob Tolzmann
Bobbie Crump
Brad Ivey
Brad Jenkins
Bridgett Blackburn
Britney Leal
Britney Parra
Britney Richmond
Brooke Teague
Bruno Melvin
Bryce Bray
Buford Bragg
Burl McPherson
Burrage Steinhauer
Carlo Luck
Carlton Cornelious
Carly Washburn
Cathleen Asiedu-Akrofi
Celestina Allen
Chang Pham
Charity Scruggs
Charlene Kiser
Chastity Lowery
Cherie Staley
Ching Peters
Cierra Griffin
Claire lam
Claud Coleman
Claudio Dill
Cleveland Guzman
Concepcion Mcnally
Connie Huddleston
Consuelo Schroeder
Cookies K. Sunk
Corey L. Pulsated
Cornelius Sawyer
Cornell Carrier
Coy Church
Craft Elgardo
Cublert Steitz
Cynthia Shiflett
Cyril Robinson
Daja Elliott
Damian Craig
Dante Hyde
Deanna Downey
Delia Ham
Delmar Doyle
Delta Mara
Demetrius Harrington
Denver Hurley
Deon Luck
Desmond Oliver
Dester O. Bap
Dewayne Dyer
Dino Sierra
Dino Street
Dino Tovar
Dionne Boyle
Dissing R. Gastronomical
Dominica Ute
Donnie Dotson
Doris Deal
Earl Deloach
Eddy Snellenberger
Eldon Asher
Eldridge Dewey
Elinor Brisson
Ellamae Walker
Eloy Padgett
Elsa A. Ware
Elsie Brightly
Elton Coffey
Elton Steele
Elvia Peacock
Elvira Steele
Emilio Loveless
Erin Sweet
Ernesto Chamberlain
Ernesto Rinehart
Ernie Garland
Esmerelda Potter
Esperanzo B. Vargas
Estella Wells
Ethelene Lopez
Eula Overton
Eula Rich
Faustino Mosley
Ferris A. Denton
Fladys Finley
Flavor S. Differentiation
Forinda Sims
Forrest Mercado
Frank Wong
Frankie Fritz
Franklin Gallegos
Franklin Lam
Freddy Shirley
Freida Odell
Fritz Silver
Gabriela Vigil
Gale Aldridge
Garrisons Q. Regularity
Geneva Corcoran
German Ham
Gertie Kiener
Glen Shropshire
Golden Armstrong
Goldie McKnight
Guadalupe K. McQueen
Guerra Edna
Gwendolyn Goldberg
Harriett Jernigan
Hazel Buffington
Helga Darby
Heriberto Lay
Herminia Hahn
Hester Joiner
Hindsight L. Remainders
Horno Sixyear
Housewife H. Judicially
Houston Wartchow
Howard Kinker
Hubert Winters
Hunter Coon
Hutter Risko
Ignacio Chung
Insomnia L. Australia
Ira Bright
Irwin Gamble
Isiah Crow
Israel Zgoda
Ivory Dowdy
Ivory Ward
Janette Boudreaux
Jarvis Donnelly
Javier Ambrose
Jeannie Frank
Jeffery Bermudez
Jennifer Beharry
Jessia Jordan
Jewell Knight
Kareem Neal
Katina Crocker
Kenya Vincent
Kinga Neiss
Kraig Cockriel
Kristy Pearce
Krystal F. Seals
Lana Little
Lana Rock
Laverne Herring
Lavone Roberts
Lazaro Goins
Lela Lujan
Leland Springer
Lemuel Hahn
Leona Ott
Leroy Shindle
Lessie Chacon
Leta Kilgore
Letha Charles
Lillian Snell
Lincoln Roland
Links Privacy
Linwood Bowling
Lori Lester
Lori Lundy
Louetta Samella
Louie Wolf
Louis Rojas
Lowell McCombs
Lula Hamm
Madge McCord
Magdalena Graham
Maho Espino
Malcolm Sheridan
Manis Campione
Marcelino Macias
Margarito Honeycutt
Margarito Morton
Maricela Nidia
Matilda Metz
Mavis Spears
Maxine Dukes
Maybell Dong
Melva Holcomb
Milford Goss
Millie Montes
Minnie Ames
Misty Cantu
Modesta Howard
Mohamed Flood
Moloch B. Examples
Monte Branch
Morton Bergeron
Myron Santana
Nannie Toupin
Napoleon Baker
Natalie Coon
Nestor Bowles
Neva Bolton
Noble Beien
Noreen Gillespie
Norman Dunbar
Normand Woods
Numbers Roberson
Odessa Newsome
Ola Baca
Olen jack
Olga Major
Olive Wills
Olympia Lender
Opal Pearson
Ophelia Jones
Ora McCullough
Orlando Duarte
Orval Vann
Oscar Cutrone
Oscar Farrell
Oscar Shea
Osvaldo Carter
Otto Coates
Overshadowing C. Gristly
Pablo Berger
Pablo Leatherman
Pansy Velez
Parker Huffman
Pasquale Esparza
Pat Stout
Patti Potts
Pedro Harrington
Preston Schulz
Prospero Parson
Rankness T. Section
Raquel Sneed
Raymundo Medrano
Reginald Braun
Rico Eldridge
Rico Odom
Rico Wilson
Rodney Zuniga
Ronny Roswick
Rootless U. Sateen
Roxie McGhee
Roxie Vaughan
Royal Elkins
Rozella Jutta
Rudoph Ham
Rufus Melton
Rukmini Buchholz
Rusty Silvano
Salvatore Tuttle
Sammie Guevara
Santiago Westbrook
Seymour Keene
Sheena Hamlin
Sherman Golden
Silas Colon
Silas Shook
Silvia Dowdy
Snuffbox A. Genitals
Socorro Moore
Spasming C. Croquet
Stasia Magdalene
Stomachs U. Hadn
Summer Swan
Swanhild Grindle
Sydney Pena
Ta Sherrell
Tabatha Gallagher
Tammie Underwood
Tennille Hayes
Tidies P. Biological
Tim Bowers
Tisha Pack
Tisha Pickens
Titilation I. Circlets
Tool B. Peonage
Trenton Goodrich
Twila Barry
Tyree Miranda
Tyson Espinosa
Van Blake
Vanesa Aurea
Velda Parker
Velvet Donnie
Venus Schmaltz
Vilma Foster
Virgie Melvin
Virgil Reeder
Vlad Witherspoon
Vonda Binkowski
Vonda Milton
Wallace Galvan
Wendy Botha
Weston Gleason
Weston Peck
Wilbur Ward
Wilburn Stanton
Wilda Keller
Will Crowder
Wilma Mays
Wilmer Dooley
Winston Powers
Xiao Dean
Yolanda Duvall
Yong Campos
Yoshie Kennedy
Young Leontine
Yvette Gorden
Yvonne C. Blevins
Zane Bradley
Zodiak Casino
Zoraida Mitchell

most people don't read their junkmail

Blog, I don’t read it! I just collect names.

don't you have anything better to do?

Well, maybe someone will find this list useful.
Maybe someone needs a name for an elephant.*

help yourselves.


It is most important to be a good namer, since it falls to all of us at some time or other to name anything from a canary to a castle and since names generally have to last a long time.

*From Ounce Dice Trice (it’s back in print!), by Alastair Reid, with drawings (including this one) by Ben Shahn.

7 Responses to “The Junkies”

  1. Lily Says:

    What a fabulous resource you are.


    Summer Swan

  2. Jacqui Says:

    Sometimes you remind me of me very, very much 🙂

  3. Elise Murphy Says:

    Oh! How I love names! I love them so much they make me want to break my exclamation point rule. One of my very favorite things in developing a new novel idea is naming characters and places. I just came up with the BEST name for a motorcycle. I may just be back to borrow a few of these!

  4. Debbie Says:

    Help yourself Ms. Swan, Elise! As you can see, I have more names than I know what to do with.

    And Elise, I would like to know what you named the motorcycle.

    Jacqui, me? Or Blog?

  5. sarah Says:

    Hey, the highlight of my week last week was finding out that the planet Pluto was named by a six year old girl named Venetia Burney Phair

  6. Cathi Says:

    Great to see your blog and web site – fantastic list!! 🙂
    I am reworking the names of two of my main characters right now!!

  7. Debbie Says:

    Glad someone finds this useful, Cathi!

    Sarah, that one is priceless. And real! Even better.

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