Make It Work?

3 November 2009

What are you doing here?

Well I was, Blog, but I need a break…
And, truthfully, I am sort of stuck. But as long
as I’m here, maybe you could give me a crit?

But that’s good!
I want you to be honest!

Throw it out.


Give it up.

Oh. Wow.
Thanks a lot, BLOG.*

feed me

[*Help? Where is Tim Gunn when I need him?]

Disclosure: I was not paid to endorse this Nutella, or any other Nutella that you may see here in the future. I purchased this jar from my local, independent grocer, and the need for Nutella expressed on this blog is my own.

9 Responses to “Make It Work?”

  1. Lily Says:

    The blog is TOUGH. The blog takes NO prisoners. The blog likes to make you CRY.

    That is why Nutella was invented.

    (We had Nutella this morning for breakfast, by the way. Well, we had it on toast — so we had two food groups. I didn’t know about the banana/nutella combo until I read about it on your facebook page. Would elvis, devotee of friend banana and peanut butter sandwiches approve?)

  2. bloglily Says:

    fried banana. you know what I meant.

  3. I knew what you meant. But if I eat any more nutella today, with bananas or not, I’ll fall into a sugar coma.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Eats With Pictures

  5. Emma Says:

    That nutella sure looks good.
    -your daughter, who is bored in PoliSci class

  6. I’m very pleased that you are actually reading my blog, dear, but… well, I won’t say any more in public.

  7. Pam Calvert Says:

    Sounds like my nasty internal editor…well, at least they keep you honest. 😉

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