I Want the Moon Too!

8 December 2009

ONCE UPON A TIME, in a kingdom by the sea, there lived a little Princess named Lenore. She was ten years old, going on eleven. One day Lenore fell ill of a surfeit of raspberry tarts and took to her bed.

…[and the princess said] “I want the moon. If I can have the moon, I will be well again.”

From Many Moons, written by James Thurber and illustrated by Louis Slobodkin.

Today is the birthday of James Thurber, 1894 – 1961.
Stop me if you’ve seen this before:

3 Responses to “I Want the Moon Too!”

  1. bloglily Says:

    Oh, I loved that! And Louis Slobodkin! This is so wonderful. I’m going to show it to William when he gets home from school.

  2. Laura Says:

    Thanks so much for reminding me of Many Moons … I have to get that out again. What a great book.

  3. Laura, MANY MOONS is one of my all-time favorites!

    And, Bloglily, you may know this, but two different artists have illustrated this book; I prefer the Louis Slobodkin version. Did William like THE UNICORN IN THE GARDEN?

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