That’s my name. Don’t wear it out.

5 January 2010

Hello, my name is Deborah Freedman


Dear Reader,

You may be here because you googled the name ‘Deborah Freedman’. I am sorry to say you have not found Deborah Freedman the New York painter, or Deborah Freedman, the interior designer from Palm Beach Gardens. This is not the site of Deborah Freedman, the Maine storyteller. Or the Deborah Freedman who married Eric Belt in 1993. Nor have you reached the financial advisor from New Jersey, the Managing Attorney of Law Center North Central, or the Research Associate of the Population Studies Center (may she rest in peace). None of those Deborah Freedmans are me. I also am not the author of the Technical Editor’s Handbook. If you were looking for those Deborah Freedmans or any of the other many Deborah Freedmans searchable on the internet who I am sure must be lovely women but are not the person who writes and illustrates children’s picture books, then I thank you for stopping by and hope you might visit again some time, anyway.

But if you were looking for that Deborah Freedman, well then – you have found her.

Deborah Freedman

ooh, of course

BLOG! You know that isn’t true!
You only see me when I’m on my computer!
I do have another life… a REAL one…


Today’s reading suggestion: Mommy Doesn’t Know My Name, by Suzanne Williams and Andrew Shachat

Listen to THIS Deborah Freedman tell a story about her name, at

p.s. Is YOUR name Deborah Freedman? Whether it is, or it isn’t, I hope you will comment below, and introduce yourself!

11 Responses to “That’s my name. Don’t wear it out.”

  1. I’m amazed how many other yous there are. As someone with an unusual name, I am always stunned and somewhat indignant when the other two Jacqui Robbins’s in the world turn up in my Google searches. Not that I Google myself. Er.

  2. Laurie Pritchett Says:

    If someone reached THIS Deborah Freedman, he/she reached the BEST one!

  3. AZ Says:

    The Deborah Freedmans (Freedmen? Freedwomen?) of the world sound like a lovely bunch of people. A hearty salute to you all.

    I was searching for a link to a children’s author’s site once, and the vast majority of links pointed to an alternate, horribly unsavory character. You Freedmans keep up the good work…

  4. Mary Says:

    my favorite Deborah Freedman!

  5. Aw shucks, Laurie & Mary.

    Jacqui, who needs to Google oneself, when we have Google Alerts! But I’m sure you and I don’t do that either… er…

    AZ, there are even more D. Freedwomen out there, including one that is unsavory. But this Blog is for General Audiences, so I left her out!

  6. Kelly Says:

    That is hilarious! Thankfully my last name is unusual, so there’s only one me. But I get google alerts for a musician named Kelley Polar. I wonder if he’s sick of me too?

  7. Joanne Says:

    Nice to meet you, Deborah Freedman! Enjoyed browsing on your blog, best wishes for 2010 🙂

  8. Donna Farley Says:

    what a hilarious welcome message! My name is not Deborah Freedman, but I also google myself, and I am not the Donna Farley who does tole and craft books, or the one who is a lawyer, real estate agent, or public health administrator…..:-)

  9. Kelly, I’ve wondered that too, if the other DFs are sick of me. Probably.

    And nice to meet you too, Joanne (the Joanne who loves lattes) and Donna (the one who collects quotes)!

  10. Lily Says:

    I learned on facebook the other day, via a handy quiz thing, that mine was the 945th most popular name in america the year I was named. In other words, my parents gave me a name that almost nobody else’s parents had dreamed up because, well, because they were bored with the other names they’d given my siblings (Susan. Ed. Tom. Mike — where did I come from?) The upshot is that I’ve got my google page all to myself. The trouble is that nobody can spell my name, even if they happen to remember it. Or maybe that’s good.

    But your name? I love your name! And it will never wear out. Because it is INDELIBLE.

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