Laissez les bons temps roulez.

16 February 2010

Well, Blog, I did put together
a special list books for today…

You? A Hurricane? Well, maybe I
can fix a nonalcoholic Hurricane for you.

21 what? 21 days? 21 weeks? NO, Blog.

I’ve invited all of our favorite people, made a King Cake… but Blog, who will want to stay around for our Mardi Gras Book Festival if you won’t behave? Eat your gumbo and please stop sulking.

Today’s Reading Festival is all about JAZZ: The First Book of Jazz, by Langston Hughes; This Jazz Man, by Karen Ehrhardt and R.G. Roth; Jazz On A Saturday Night, by Leo & Diane Dillon; Before John Was a Jazz Giant, by Carole Boston Weatherford & Sean Qualls; Dizzy, by Jonah Winter & Sean Qualls; John Coltrane’s Giant Steps, Charlie Parker Played Be Bop, Mysterious Thelonius, by Chris Raschka; Sweet Music in Harlem, by Debbie Taylor and Frank Morrison.

Want even more preK-6 books about jazz for children? Check out this list, at Smithsonian Jazz.

4 Responses to “Laissez les bons temps roulez.”

  1. susan g fellows Says:

    You are a fantastic resource for kids books. S,

  2. Jacqui Says:

    Poor blog. Can I add Debbie Taylor’s Sweet Music in Harlem to your list?

  3. Thanks for the suggestion – I didn’t know that book. It sounds wonderful!

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