Library Love

23 March 2010

Hey Blog! Are you excited about your new library card?

Sure you can! Just visit here or here. Browse a bit, tell me what books you want, and I’ll pick them up for you.

Maybe our readers have suggestions? Blog and I are joining the Library-Loving Blog Challenge this week, so for everyone who leaves a comment below, we will donate $2.00 to our local libraries in Hamden and New Haven, Connecticut.

(Blog! We can talk about this privately…. later…)

How easy could it be? You comment, the libraries get a gift! If you don’t have a reading suggestion for Blog, “I love libraries” will do – until midnight, Monday, March 29.

68 Responses to “Library Love”

  1. Cari Says:

    Hip Hip Hooray for Libraries

  2. Jacqui Says:

    Oh Blog, you must use the reserve-your-books-online feature. It is my best friend. But I wonder what home address you gave them…

    • Jacqui, I reserve books online all the time (and hope that Blog will learn to do the same). In fact, I’m about to go out and pick up a book that my library is holding for me –

  3. Love the cute post!

  4. I Love Libraries! Thanks.

  5. Thanks for joining in! I know I’m excited about MY library card!

  6. Mollie Says:

    This is great! Most libraries are in dire straights right now! I know the Ohio libraries can use all the help they can get!

  7. Happy challenge day. I know you’ll meet your goal.

  8. robin Says:

    Too funny! Good luck with your challenge!

  9. thanks for supporting CT libraries!

  10. Margo Says:

    Thanks for participating, Deborah!
    My library-supporting blog entry can be found here:

  11. Hooray for libraries!

  12. Ashley Says:

    Thanks for supporting libraries!

  13. Love libraries! Thanks, Deborah!

  14. Micah Says:

    Thank you, fellow lover of libraries

  15. Elizabeth Says:

    “When people who can read and write start fighting on behalf of people who can’t, you just end up with another kind of stupidity. If you want to help them, build a big library or something somewhere, and leave the doors open.”~Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times.

  16. Beth Mithen Says:

    I love libraries!

  17. Sara Says:

    Awesome, Debbie!

  18. Yay, libraries! I just joined the challenge at my blog, too. 🙂


  19. So many library lovers – hurray!! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, everyone.

  20. Taffy Says:

    Hi library-loving blogger! LOVE YOUR POST! I wish my library was bigger so it could hold more books!

    Here is my challenge:

  21. holly cupala Says:

    Oh, I love this one! I wish my blog was so sassy. I’m doing the challenge, too, at Holly Cupala, Tell Me a Secret!

  22. jama Says:

    What a cute post! Thanks for your library loving support!

  23. Gracie Says:

    Hi Blog! I have my own library card too. I usually check out funny graphic novels like Babymouse! I think you will like them, they are hilarious.
    Bye Bye Blog Blog,
    – Gracie

  24. Emma Says:

    Thanks for helping your library! We need more people like you 🙂

  25. Lara Zielin Says:

    Hooray! I’m in the challenge too. Love me some literacy-minded orgs. ❤

  26. Chris Smith Says:

    Go Libraries! Love the post — fantastic take on the whold thing!

  27. sarahmullengilbert Says:

    Thanks for commenting on my challenge, Deborah, and good luck with your own! (although I think your biggest challenge might be your blog’s back talk) 🙂

  28. Judith Says:

    Thank you for loving libraries and good luck on your challenge.

  29. Laura Koenig Says:

    Library Looooooooove! Good for you.

  30. colleen kosinski Says:

    Hooray for libraries!

  31. Boni Ashburn Says:

    I love your attitude-y blog Deborah 🙂

    And hooray for libraries!

  32. ephelba Says:

    One recommendation? Have you seen Mouse Guard, volume 1, the Fall of 1152? Also, go retro and read “Have Spacesuit, Will Travel” if you haven’t already. If you’ve never read 101 dalmations, you’re really missing out. Book is unbelievably amazing, and of course it’s better than the movie. Have you seen Shaun Tan’s new book? Or this one?
    Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. Too many good books.

  33. Tracy Says:

    Thanks for spreading the library love!

  34. Tracy Says:

    Thank you from the Hamden Library. We need all the help we can get.

  35. Very creative post! I love it!

  36. As a fellow Connecticut resident, I am spreading the library love! I will be donating to my hometown library, the Beardsley & Memorial Library in Winsted, CT. Thanks for doing this. I’m thrilled to see how many people are participating! Libraries really need our support now during this tough economic climate.

  37. Carrie Kerzner Says:

    Thank you, Deborah! What a wonderful idea and thanks for supporting your local libraries…from a libary loving librarian @ HPL!!

  38. Erin Says:

    Yay! Libraries! Thank you for your support!

  39. virtualworldtraveler Says:

    Cool website and generous donation. Thanks!

  40. Janet Fox Says:

    Hey, Deborah – so great that you’re doing this! (love the card…)

  41. robotika Says:

    Thanks for supporting us library folk!

  42. Becker Says:

    Thanks for supporting libraries!

  43. Brodie Says:

    Thanks for showing your support to libraries! This is such a great challenge, it’s inspiring to see so many people take part 🙂

  44. Lots of library love! The Texas Sweethearts are participating in the challenge as well:

  45. Ishta Says:

    Mrs. Pigglewiggle! And The Phantom Tollbooth! And the Mercy Watson series! Go – NOW!


  46. Hilari Says:

    These days, libraries need all the help they can get!

  47. Angela Says:

    Hey Blog,

    I just finished the audio book The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare. The Cherry Hill library has a copy (now that I returned it). I’d recommend that and thanks for helping to support libraries.

  48. Denise Jaden Says:

    Hooray for libraries!

  49. Marla Warren Says:

    I couldn’t live without libraries.

    I’m participating in the library blog challenge, though I’ve gotten a bit of a late start:

    Michael Crichton’s Recommended Reading – Library Promo

  50. Thanks for supporting libraries! I recommend Anne Fadiman’s book, Ex Libris.

  51. Jess Says:

    All this library love makes me so happy! Good luck with your challenge.

  52. the editors Says:

    I love libraries!

  53. Cutest library challenge post ever!

  54. All for libraries, libraries for all!

  55. Joyce Lansky Says:

    Thanks for supporting a library.

  56. Thanks for supporting libraries. We love books and libraries, so we’re participating in this challenge as well.

  57. Kelly Fineman Says:

    Reading suggestion: I like The Secret History of the Pink Carnation for a fun Regency romance.

    Hooray for libraries!

  58. Anna Says:

    Libraries rock! I’m in the middle of BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver – it’s a great read so far, one I’d definitely recommend.

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