As the World Wide Web Turns

6 April 2010

Or, The Junkies, Part IV

Sybil said leave tomorrow;
Petra is going in July.
Daniel wants to take the dog!
How come Benito doesn’t go?
Did Dirk also send you this?
Why did Walter show up…
How is Eric doing?
Is Jerold leaving him?
How come Shirley is acting that way?

Hey. Can you please contact me?

– by 10 Spammers

“The Junkies”, Part I, is here; Part II is here; Part III is here. Visit my post from last week for ways to celebrate National Poetry Month.

2 Responses to “As the World Wide Web Turns”

  1. AliceB Says:

    It dawns on me. You actually *read* all that junk mail?


  2. NO NO NO!!! I don’t open it!

    I’m not quite that nuts. I just collect senders and subject lines, if they amuse me.

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