My Book Addiction

11 May 2010

There’s always room for one more, during Children’s Book Week!

Reading Suggestions, Children’s Picture Books About Books: A Book, Mordicai Gerstein; The Incredible Book Eating Boy, Oliver Jeffers; A Story With Pictures, Barbara Kanninen & Lynn Rowe Reed; The Book That Eats People, John Perry & Mark Fearing; Chester, Melanie Watt.

5 Responses to “My Book Addiction”

  1. Jacqui Says:

    Darn. Cannot get picture zoomed enough to examine titles. love,
    An avowed book snoop

  2. Dear Book Snoop,

    Ha. No you cannot zoom in. But I will tell you that a book called TWO OF A KIND is on the top shelf. And also that this is not my only bookcase. Of course not!

    A Book Freak

  3. Another Book Freak Says:

    My goodness. That picture makes me very happy. xo

  4. blackwatertown Says:

    What a lovely lovely picture. Few sights are as glorious as a bright set of packed shelves.

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