Summertime Blues

15 July 2010

The cure for the summertime blues? More BLUE. Posting will be sporadic for a while, as I splash lots of it around.

Study for Blue Chicken, Fall 2011, Viking Children’s Books

The Illustration Friday topic for January 14, 2011 is CHICKEN!

20 Responses to “Summertime Blues”

  1. Amber Says:

    Oh Debbie, how I love your art. It’s so…liquid. And real. And vibrant.

  2. AliceB Says:

    *Love* that chicken!

  3. Boni Ashburn Says:

    Deborah- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! That chicken *needs* a story- I hope he has one… 🙂

    • She does indeed have one. Poor chicken.

      This is a study for the cover of my next book, BLUE CHICKEN, which I’m painting now. I just have to keep the chicken away from my desk!

  4. Z-Dad Says:

    This looks super! Can’t wait to see more — Enjoy painting!

  5. Martha B~ Says:


    The Blue Chicken splash is BRILLIANT!

    I’m inspired

  6. so much depends
    a BLUE


  7. Hey Z, Martha, thanks!

    Leslie. So much depends on finishing this artwork!

  8. floatingink Says:

    Hi, Deborah! Everyone at the art party on Tuesday was talking about a blue chicken–now I get it! Can’t wait to see it all finished. Nancy

  9. I absolutely love this illustration! The watercolor really makes it come to life.

  10. Martha B~ Says:

    You know Debbie, that illustration would make a great T-shirt

  11. Love love love the blue color and its convincing fluidity!

  12. Thanks, Debbie!

    Martha, that’s a good idea – I’ll have to find out if I’m allowed.

  13. Love the way the white space contrasts with the blue! Poor chicken. I hope everything works out for him. 🙂

  14. Roshini Says:

    Wow this is suuuuuuuper! Blue Chicken is making quite the splash! Good luck with your book 🙂

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