Sshhh… Don’t Tell!

27 April 2011

Look, Blog!
Blue Chicken got it’s first review,
and it’s pretty good!

I know, but… too late to fix anything now.
It’s at the printer. And anyway, my editor seems happy…


Suggested Reading, Picture Books About Secrets: It’s a Secret, by John Burningham; The Secret Circus, by Johanna Wright; The Secret Shortcut, by Mark Teague; The Secret Birthday Message, by Eric Carle; Nasreen’s Secret School: A True Story from Afghanistan, by Jeanette Winter; The Day of Ahmed’s Secret, by Florence H. Parry and Ted Lewin; The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, illustrated by Robert Ingpen.

7 Responses to “Sshhh… Don’t Tell!”

  1. Congratulations! It’s a wonderful review. Don’t listen to that voice in the cartoon blurbs.

  2. Jacqui Says:


  3. Alice Says:

    That’s not a “pretty good” review. That’s a fabulous review! Congratulations! (And more than deserved.)

  4. bloglily Says:

    Blog, dude, breathe deeply, have some chocolate. This book has joy and action. It has a very charming chicken. It has blue. And you know, deep down in your bloggy little heart, that it is very good.

  5. Jacqui & Alice, thank you!

    Bloglily, chocolate usually works. I’ll try that.

  6. I have read Blue Chicken to several groups of children and neither them nor I have noticed any flaws.

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