The Chicken Would Like to Speak…

20 May 2011

…in support of every kid’s right to read freely.

The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression (ABFFE) will launch its Fund for Free Speech in Children’s Books with a Silent Auction on Wednesday, May 25, at BookExpo America. The ABC auction will feature more than 100 works of art by beloved children’s illustrators, including Barbara McClintock, Jerry Pinckney, Chris Raschka, Lane Smith, Mo Williams. An online preview of the artwork, including the above, is here.

The Illustration Friday topic for May 20, 2011 is SOAKED.

8 Responses to “The Chicken Would Like to Speak…”

  1. About to be…SOAKED! Great illustration! I love the action and drama!

  2. bloglily Says:

    Wonderful! How does the auction work? Is there a website? xoxo

  3. Wonderful illustration! Good luck with the auction!

  4. Thanks so much, all.

    Lily – I was under the impression that they would allow online bidding at some point, but so far it seems that one has to attend at BEA. Will post if I find out otherwise!

  5. Patti Gay Says:

    beautiful. Love this

  6. Wonderful illustration!

  7. Thank you, Patti and Jeanette.

  8. This is great, I love that it is all one colour.

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