Breakfast is Served

15 November 2011

Julie Danielson interviews me today over at her blog, Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. She’s brewed plenty of coffee… won’t you join us?

6 Responses to “Breakfast is Served”

  1. Mirka Breen Says:

    Breakfast all day- my kind of gal.

  2. Just coming back from 7 Things. What a fun post. I always love interviews that make you feel like you just got a sneak peak into the life and process. . .Good stuff. I particularly loved that you get asked at school visits if you’re ever afraid to draw. That youngster had some profound insight! And good for you for “pretending to be an extrovert.” That’s not easy, I know.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview.

      Putting on my extrovert hat is worth it, and so rewarding, when I can speak to a question like that – to a child who was worried that his drawings weren’t “good enough”.

      • Brandie Lee Says:

        Not sure if I’m an outgoing introvert or an introspective extrovert, but I often share these sentiments. It’s encouraging to know that being “afraid to draw” at times is at least normal, even for published authors/illustrators.
        I enjoyed the interview immensely!

  3. Brandie, I like the way you put that – “outgoing introvert or an introspective extrovert”.

    If being afraid isn’t normal, well then, I’m not normal! In any case, I don’t think a little fear is a bad thing, as long as we push through it.

    Thanks for reading the interview!

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