Chicken Book Stack

26 January 2012

I know that, BLOG.
And that’s actually why I’ve been
working on a “suggested reading” list –
picture books about chickens.

Thanks a lot, Blog.

Readers… I have my favorites; what are yours?

6 Responses to “Chicken Book Stack”

  1. […] writes with pictures 26, 2012 at […]

  2. Alice Says:

    My favorite chicken book is yours! (Though your links aren’t working at the moment, so I didn’t get to compare with what you chose.)

  3. Chicken books ARE special, and yours is the specialest!!

  4. Aw thanks, Alice & Leslie.

    But really, do you have any other chicken-book suggestions??

  5. I adore your blue chicken. And I’m sending your reading list along to my chicken-obsessed sister-in-law!

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